JOSEPH RAGO, AGE 34. FOUND DEAD IN HIS APARTMENT. I believe this is the third Clinton-related death story I've posted in the last two weeks. Jeff Sessions needs to step up to the plate and take the heat for appointing a special prosecutor to investigate all aspects of the Clinton machine, including the deaths.…
So the Keynesian monetary plumbers of the Eccles Building will try something truly stupid. That is, they will try to levitate the entire sea of money-like liabilities they have conjured over the last two decades, but especially since September 2008, mainly by paying higher rates of interest to banks on those $2.8 trillion of so-called excess reserves.
A little-noticed provision in the highway funding bill Congress passed this week threatens a right most Americans take for granted: the right to travel abroad.
Yea! More from Legalman. Here's one attorney I can respect, and much of my adult life was spent in the legal field.
As many of you must know, the US government (and I’m not certain of all the agencies involved) has charged a young man named Ross Ulbricht with being “Dread Pirate Roberts” (DPR), the “drug kingpin” behind the Silk Road online bazaar. You probably do not know, however, that he goes on trial in two months.