An insightful look at the actual goals of Israel regarding Palestine
Your 60-hour work week is not a badge of honour. It is a problem; something is broken. It's in your control to fix it.
A relic from the Cold War appears to have triggered a software glitch at a major air traffic control center in California Wednesday that led to delays and ca...
"During the Pontiff's weekly general address, he spoke to the crowd about his view on the RFID technology, and assured his many followers..."
(May 2014): Israeli water utility company Hagihon has stopped the regular supply of running water
to a number of Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, according to a statement
issued by Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem ...

The traditional banking system was already bad enough but now, with banks around the world rushing to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) it is beginning to reach extreme levels. And it isn't just affecting the most financially restricted people on Earth: US citizens... it is affecting everyone.
It's documented that... The 'Islamic Resistance Movement' (Hamas) was founded & deceitfully
instigated by Mossad with the strategic purpose to prevent the formation of a Palestinian State.
'Deception is the art of war' -- Israel has clandestine operatives & agent provocateurs continuously
planted within Hamas -- Israel historically & currently manipulates and covertly controls Hamas handlers
& (cointel psyop) duped recruits to do its bidding -- Cui bono?
*see video Link -- (Ron Paul: "Israel created Hamas"):

BRITISH security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.