A bit misleading title. New rules making it easier for warrants to be assigned when they cannot figure out where your computer is. I'm only starting to get my boots wet with networking/ computers, but it seems like the mention of access from malware bots was probable cause to take your data? That was the odd and scary part.
Judge drops Saudi Arabia from Sept. 11 lawsuit

Looks like they have all had a long, uphill battle with this one. I mean, these guys are now head of the UN Human Rights Council!
Seems to be something going on, this being the 14th time it has happened in the area. I wish I could find info on the latest and largest DDoS attack on the US a month or so ago. Seems like it still hasn't been reported on.

A bit more about previous cuttings

So they basically use the same idea the west does. Not much detail in what goes on, or even a list of attendees, but does well to compare some aspects of China to US.
Here we are, still figuring out new properties of our physical world. This stuff could be promising for a lot of new research, not to mention advancement in our knowledge of new crystalline structures and how the behave.
" PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona man who admitted to decapitating his wife and her two dogs in a bloody incident last month in Phoenix told authorities he was attempting "to get the evil out" of her, according to court documents released on Monday."

Crazy. There is a Vice doc about 'spice', they showed one maker just mixing potpourri and ammonia. People smoke that seemingly to replace marijuana, and this nasty stuff is legal.
More than 1,200 guns and an estimated two tons of ammunition were discovered at the upscale Southern California home of a man who was found dead inside an SUV last week, police said.