1:22 – “Now I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven”

No matter what you make of this, it's just plain weird.


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    I will mark it on my calendar. There is no doubt she is saying something more through her speech, but... I just wonder if this is the actual message she is conveying - one of a date. Perhaps I'll watch it again without the commentary. Very bizarre video.

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    I'd seen this image about three different times before I finally "saw" it.


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    Is this photoshopped, or were all these guys wearing "11" shirts before they were executed (sacrificed)?

  6. alvinroast

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    I'm wondering the same thing about whether this was photoshopped?

  7. P7y845W4

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    I was thinking about this video today and it reminded me of the story of Joseph. Lagarde mentions how seven has importance in many religions. But it appears that she is mentioning one bible story I remember in particular.

    She then mentions that we had seven years of economic recession/shakedown/whatever, and that there will be seven years of abundance to come.

    In the story of Joseph, the pharaoh is having bad dreams of sevens... seven fat cows eaten by seven starving cows, etc. Joseph interpreted the dreaming to mean that there would be seven years of abundance followed by seven years of hardship. And thats what happened. He was an unfavored member of his tribe, but because he saved for the first seven years he was able to thrive in the seven following years of famine. As a result he became leader of the tribe.

    Just a thought. She did, however, clearly state something about 7 years in the "deep freeze" and seven years to come. It also seems to work into the 2-14 idea, with both division and compression.

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