Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor Inc: 20 employees from its Asia operations were passengers on the mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 aircraft ... plane allegedly 'disappeared' (off-radar) near offshore Exxon drilling rigs zone ...
^ also, crucially see... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Carlyle_Group
(some typos, but significant): http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com/2013/11/us-expect-tppa-signed-carlye-to-bolt-on.html
relevant background info: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Freescale+Semiconductor+embedded+chips+DARPA+defense


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    plane mystery & CARLYLE-BLACKSTONE


    *Remember "Get Smart" TV show ("Would you believe, that...?")

    -scroll specific

    GLP Forum comment by "Lost Angel":


    additional angle:

    (?) Malaysian Plane burgeoning 'FIASCO' ...

    `Psyops Game` or Freescale (avionics tech.) marketing stunt

    or patent intrigue ?

    --- expanding 'Search & Rescue' logistics & equipment could provide cover for

    & facilitate a MILITARY BUILDUP and also SONAR / SEISMIC testing for Petroleum Industry

    OFFSHORE expansion in Southeast Asia -- including DEEPWATER exploration for

    potential new drilling fields -- surrounding Malaysia region & bordering areas,

    including: Malacca Straits, Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand,

    South China Sea & Spratly Islands, amid competing/conflicting territorial claims

    of various adjacent countries (& their business/military affiliates).


    *flashback: "Balancing Powers in the Malacca Strait" Link:



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    Malaysian Transportation Minister: "Rolls Royce didn't receive any signals from engine after

    it vanished from radar" ...


    current ponder ? My HUNCH

    -- DIEGO GARCIA island --

    ideal for 'hiding'/staging something fishy

    in plane hangars, etc...

    infamously far-flung (isolated spot) UK territory island & U.S. military base,

    situated smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean -- somehow involved with this covert MI6/CIA plot

    -- or perhaps ANDAMAN Islands (military runways & joint naval ops. there) ...


    Weirdly (coincidentally), so-called "aviation travel expert" & British 'asset' RICHARD QUEST of CNN

    flew with & interviewed this particular Malaysia Airlines co-pilot only 2 weeks before (on Feb. 19) --

    supposedly while filming a 'business travel' show -- very (cloak & daggers) spooky !!

    [copy & paste news Link]:


    [+ video w/ Richard Quest]:



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    Also... Let's not be duped by Rupert Murdoch (Wall Street Journal), MI6,

    and clandestine buddies ASIS (Australia), CIA & mossad ...

    note: R. Murdoch has been feverishly tweeting on twitter about "Malaysia Plane Terrorism",

    [sensational diversion/distraction from UK Phone Hacking Scandal trials] ...

    while CIA has been PUSHING "Muslim Terror", Iran finger-pointing & Hijacking memes,

    except when Malaysian 'keystone cops' authorities didn't readily play along with

    designated 'program'/script, then CIA 'propaganda wurlitizer' suddenly switched gears

    to "cockpit partying pilot" &/or "depressed suicidal pilot" memes !

    ** London/Wall Street elites (Kabbalah Cabal) plus China (!) eager to re-make Malaysia and overhaul

    rather ludicrously corrupt Malaysian political morass ...

    -- "heck of a job" -- Malay 'old boy' (entrenched-for decades) UMNO faction

    appears incompetent & 'in over their heads' -- during staged 'vanished airplane' crisis incident

    -- while Malaysian 'kangaroo court' sentenced to jail

    (Western elites-favored) opposition leader

    Anwar Ibrahim for alleged 'sodomy' charges

    on March 7th, a few hours before plane mysteriously 'disappeared' ...

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    It kept pinging a Boeing satellite, according to this:

    The U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss the situation by name, said the Boeing 777-200 wasn't transmitting data to the satellite, but was instead sending out a signal to establish contact.

    Boeing offers a satellite service that can receive a stream of data during flight on how the aircraft is functioning and relay the information to the plane's home base. The idea is to provide information before the plane lands on whether maintenance work or repairs are needed.

    Malaysia Airlines didn't subscribe to that service, but the plane still had the capability to connect with the satellite and was automatically sending pings, the official said.


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    Interesting. Thanks almaverdad2 and kevin for the update.

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    Mystery Jet hoodwink: TAVISTOCK Terror Psyops,


    more speculation...

    They're PLAYING with y'all --

    (?) Did a MI6-CIA-ASIS-Mossad operation get BOTCHED, so now

    the Kabbalah Cabal & military-industrial-security schemers (profiteers)

    & the desperate-for-eyeballs & ratings media (CNN et al)

    are rather desperately scrambling, in 'plausible deniability' mode -- or 'ludicrous risibility' mode --

    trying to 'pin the tail on' any possible... donkeys, drug mules, duped patsies, sport-shoe wearing

    uyghurs, muslim chinese or iranian travelers, photoshopped fake passport-holders, flirty flight crew,

    atheist politically active pilots, model airplane hobbyists, disgruntled/moody passengers,

    fabricated perps, concocted nemesis, or generic 'no-fly list' names ??


    2 relevant Links:

    *new quandary = Freescale tech. patents !


    *also read

    (scathingly insightful perspective) ...



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    Maldives residents report sighting

    of 'low flying jet' =>


    note: MALDIVES islands are on flight route to DIEGO GARCIA island, which is located further south ...

    (they are part of "Chagos archipelago") ...


    & see ~ https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Diego+Garcia+island+wikipedia


    * view map

    (copy & paste URL): =>



    Flashback =>

    (Dec. 2004) - "Tsunami spares secret U.S. base" ...



    plus, 2 additional Links ...

    * (March 19th):


    * & also related news ...



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