Must read! -- [Media Lens]: Serious researchers & publications (including UK medical journal "The Lancet") indicate that
there seems to be questionable methods & drastic UNDERCOUNTING by London-Based 'Iraq Body Count 'website
-- compared to other sources showing much higher actual totals of (war & conflict-related) deaths.
> Additional critiques of IBC project methodology
(& possible covert agendas) =>


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    "The mainstream media are continuing to use figures provided by the website Iraq Body Count (IBC) to sell the public a number for total post-invasion deaths of Iraqis that is perhaps 5-10% of the true death toll."

    Must Read, indeed!

    The following link is actually unrelated to the Iraq Body Count article, but I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd leave it here for anyone who might likewise find it amusing:

    Man, these guys are ferocious!

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    The major point being - that is a really large number, and a substantial fraction of the Iraq population. residents of the US and parts of Europe don't take ownership or responsibility for it, in the same way we wonder how Israeli residents can live with themselves etc (look back at the 75-80% initial support that Bush had in 2003, with higher support for young people than those in their 50s). In World War I, it was famous for devastated cities and trench warfare, yet most countries lost fewer than 2% of their population. The Ottoman empire and Yugoslavia were sort of the exceptions - I guess the Ottoman empire doesn't get the credit it deserves for screwing up that region compared with the other european empires.

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    Fact: jews/varied ethnic+religious groups

    mostly thrived in peace during Ottoman Empire

    (400 yrs. period prior to WW1) ...

    -- However,

    there were externally-induced

    'divide & rule' (dismembering / Balkanization)

    tactics, with awful

    ('mow them down') violence

    during and after WW1,

    affecting many countries & specific groups

    -- especially the horrific slaughter

    of Christian Armenians, known as the "Armenian genocide"

    [plotted + perpetrated by shadowy political players,

    including masonic & 'donmeh'/jewish-affiliated

    associates of Ataturk, during WW1 land-grabbing

    & post-WW1 (freemasonic) reformulated Turkish govt.]

    >> see educational Links...

    (next post)

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    Links re: Ottoman overthrow, Ataturk/Turkish Republic,

    Rothschild, Masons, etc. (& Turkey):





    * ^ very enlightening info.

    re: freemason Mustafa ATATURK,

    'Young Turks' political mvmt.

    & Turkish Republic

    (1920's) =>ürk






    (& unfortunately) =>


    *please note: 'Hasbara' talking points

    are tiresome -- (although quite readily

    & easily refuted with a wellspring of

    honest facts, via research :)


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    Armenian Genocide, WW1, Turkey & masons/jews -

    additional Link >


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