The fatal shooting on Saturday in Ferguson of unarmed teenager Michael Brown has caused more than a decade of seething racial tensions between the police and public in the St. Louis suburb to finally boil over.


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    on the 4th night of this, the police (who might involve support staff from other cities, or perhaps the military?) went nuts and started battering journalists from Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Wash Post when they were sitting in McDonalds writing reports and so forth. Huffington Post indicates their anger on their cover page right now with lots of all capitals headlines.

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    noticed? worldover.... salivating re: 'divide & rule' ethnic clashes...

    fomenting, inducing, promoting ethnic/racial/religious

    conflicts -- Cui Bono?

    (note: for example, Iraqis of diverse backgrounds

    and previously Yugoslavians of diverse heritage used to

    live peaceably as neighbors, colleagues, friends, relatives

    (work together in business enterprises & civic projects,

    attend school together, socialize

    & even intermarry) --

    UK & the British Empire are notorious

    for fanning the flames of ethnic conflicts

    to undermine societies elsewhere

    -- and by pitting groups against eachother, thereby

    divert/subvert any (potential) unified, influential opposition

    to the financial elites, banksters & power brokers...

    Did you know that

    the state of ISRAEL prohibits Israeli jews

    from marrying non-jews ! --

    and that ethnocentric/zionist/fascist ISRAEL

    has other govt. laws of this type !

    Also, in ISRAEL there are

    racist Ashkenazi jews who refuse

    to allow Sephardic jewish

    children to attend their kids' schools !


    Who profiteers the most

    from militarized 'homeland security',

    gear & weaponry, and police-state

    tactics ??


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    Lets just call a spade a spade. The Jews are doing this. We all know it. NAACP. ADL. SPLC. NATO. Federal Reserve. NAFTA. Hollywood. Wall-Street. Monsanto (a St Louis Company). Jewry. Not "Zionism," - it's Jewry. End of story.

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    (and vice-versa) !

    > see 5 particular


    (Neturei Karta) =>

    also =>




    Let's just be HONEST --

    I am the daughter of 2 Holocaust survivors

    (my Hungarian-jewish mother

    worked as a slave-laborer prisoner/

    Auschwitz & Bergen Belsen, where

    she almost died from TB & typhus.

    My Polish-jewish father's entire family was

    killed, & he had to hide in the woods as a

    teenager, then joined the Partisans resistance).

    I am culturally jewish heritage

    (Bat Mitzvah, etc.) & I do have

    an affinity with "The Ten Commandments" --

    however, I am appalled at

    specific harmfully ethnocentric /

    supremacist, warped-perverse

    & egregiously unethical sections

    of the 'Talmud'.


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    Are you a computer?

    They are Jews. I don't give a fuck who you say you're descended from.

    All across the world this is a reality. If you are another Jew conspirator then fine, just come out and say it. The world is being broken into racial conflict and the divisive Jew will not be ignored.

    I'm actually suspect of your persistently annoying presence on this forum. You don't seem capable of communicting like a normal human. Whats up "almaverdad?" Can you write a fucking normal sentence or are you a computer?

    You always amalgamate all these "zionist" links and you're a coward. There are no goddamn zionists. There are Jews. And there are computers trolling the Internet. Which one are you? You a Jew hater or a software program? Or a self-hating jew software program?

    Or do you exist to create the "anti-semitism" that justifies zionist judaism? Fuckoff Alma. You're a quiz.

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    by the way -- Here's extra Link

    > from an 'approved' info. source, you may prefer --

    re: Rubashkin 'kosher' butcher co.

    (& exploited Guatemalans, meth lab) etc.



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    LOL. You seem deeply obsessed with "zionism" - so much so that you can't discuss anything outside of the galaxy of "zionist" conspiracy theories. I am seriously convinced you're either a bot or some kind of compulsive self-hating Jew that can only write in these incoherent sequences.

    It seems like you want to draw lines tying everything across the world together with "zionism" awhile conveniently leaving out the one single thing that actually ties any of these people together. It's like watching a detective at a crime scene ignoring the fingerprints covering everything.

    And regarding the racism of people posting on the Ferguson riot videos... It should be no surprise. There is a vast epidemic of black crime and people act like it doesn't exist. A huge portion of the public has been robbed/assaulted/raped by blacks. This is especially bad in St Louis. East St. Louis has perhaps the highest murder rate in the country, right beside New Orleans, Detroit, and Camden. I wonder how many thousands of people have fallen victim to the "knockout game" in recent years? You think this kind of thing won't result in retaliation?

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    oh yeah - people of jewish ethnicity would have to be *so paranoid* when they log onto the internet and see chatter such as this thread, or the candid comments under youtube videos, and start to form a mental model that 30%+ of the public are secretly out to get them, so they form a defensive mindset. This whole dialog is troublesome. Similarly, if you look at the streams of racist commentary next to some of the videos from the peaceful Ferguson rallies yesterday, african americans must get the impression that a large fraction of the public hold a klan mentality.

    Statistically, jewish americans are very likely to oppose intervention in Iraq and to care about economic inequality

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