Brussels Masonic-Zionist terror drill scenario (op. Gladio / Purim treat)
via 'Aangirfan' blog: perceptive overview, numerous key links...
(excerpt = The ambulance finaglers/first responders 'United Hatzalah' mafia was already
positioned at Brussels airport when explosions took place on 3/22.
By the way, United Hatzalah & the IDF recently conducted a joint Mass Casualty Training drill.
Also, on Feb. 29th, the EU staged a massive 'disaster capitalism' drill involving trains in Kent, UK ) =>


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    'Hatzalah' crew coincidentally

    @ M.Hastings crash scene



    Wow (!) y'all will luv this...

    Hatzalah ("Hatzolah") = "first ambulances on scene at WTC on Sept. 11th"

    (check it out) =>


    ~> (more info: Corrupt Hatzalah)


    * (related news re: 'Boston Marathon' staged psyop & corrupt fraud)

    note: scroll down thru to view comment

    by 'Fug' re: Hatzalah =>


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    Interesting. Thanks.

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