'wtf' story getting weirder: > apparently, decomposed guy's fiancee Catherine Nebron (Pacific Palisades ritzy condo owner
w/ mega-arsenal stash) is daughter of deceased, esteemed former Calif. Superior Court/Appeals Court judge (Irwin Nebron
-- who was prominently active w/ masonic org. B'nai B'rith) ! =>
=> http://articles.latimes.com/1987-06-18/news/vw-7940_1_extended-family
Supposedly... C. Nebron & paramour "drove separate cars with no license plates to eat daily
at nearby 'Casa Nostra' restaurant" =>


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    Hmm... wondering if weird scenario

    is possibly...

    (orchestrated) takedown & attempted exposure

    of a jewish (& masonic - Israeli/British) clandestine organized crime operation --

    including dismantling of accumulated ($5 million alleged) weapons arsenal

    (varied guns, tools, chemicals), plus storage units,

    vehicles & stacked cash --

    w/ this deliberate takedown/exposure

    implemented by another shadowy (possibly govt-affiliated) group ??

    > interesting timeframe = month of JULY,

    spanning significant dates: 4th of July, also historic 7/7 London 'false flag',

    'Eid-al-fitr' (end of Ramadan = July 17/18, 2015)

    & anniversaries of (gun control & mental health) staged-psyop massacres

    = Aurora (July 20 w/ J. Holmes' current trial)

    & Norway (July 22 Breivik)


    upcoming Jewish holiday Tisha B'Av

    Hebrew calendar this year: July 25)


    => duckduckgo.com/?q=Tisha+B'Av&ia=about

    *please note:

    'read between the lines'

    of previous posts + links to realize

    prominent Calif. Judge's daughter (C. Nebron)

    most likely 'untouchable' by law enforcement,

    as in, 'nothing to see here' - sweep under luxurious carpet ...

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    (scroll): July ComicCon

    & new scifi character "LASH"

    ( *interesting thread --

    see particular comments,

    including re: celebrity attorney Harland Braun

    & prior CIA/drugs cases) ...

    {8 pages} =>



    * also, specifically must see =>



    note: Many Hollywood honchos, directors/producers

    & PR mavens live in Pacific Palisades =>



    > B.S. = Pacific Palisades decomposing mystery guy ("Jeffrey Alan Lash")

    was allegedly a "Human-Alien Hybrid"

    -- Hey, are we 'being played' (??)


    "Last season Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced us to 'the 'Inhumans'...

    J. Loeb, head of Marvel’s television dept, speaking during Marvel TV panel at (July 2015)

    San Diego Comic-Con announced that new season would be introducing an 'Inhuman' named "Lash" --

    Scifi character "Lash" has energy manipulation abilities, so he can absorb & modify energy

    as well as blast you with it"...


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