The FBI is asking for help in finding the people responsible for vandalizing buried fiber optic cables at 10 locations in the East and South Bay over the past year.


  1. almaverdad2

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    9/11 & "Deception is the Art of War"

    (Sept. 11th 'staged false flag pysop'

    and ongoing Infiltration, Sabotage & Treason

    -- Deceive, Divert and Divide & Rule --

    Abetting Masonic-Zionist agendas, while Profiteering)

    -- including burgeoning 'Cyber-Security'

    & 'Perimeter Security' Biz Opps

    (eg. = mushrooming 'IDF Unit 8200' pop-ups) !

    *see key link

    (scroll through)



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    Reminds me of the Earth Night Action Group chainsawing power line poles around Santa Cruz County in 1990.

  3. almaverdad2

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    Staged Hyped Terror, Sabotage & 'Homeland Security' BS -

    for geopolitics & profit =>


    yet another typical example

    of "Problem-Reaction-$olution" =>


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