The Pentagon will spend $240 million to build new infrastructure & repair old buildings at the Guantanamo navy base,
over the next 5 years. The Naval Base complex includes 6,000 residents (troops, staff & families). The notorious
detention center still has approx. 80 prisoners confined there.
(July 2016) "A federal appeals court has called for tighter restrictions on the US Navy's use of sonar
that harms whales & other marine life."
Trump & Pence, frontmen for (beholden to) rightwing zionism, casino magnate Adelson & Israel's
Moneyed Mob -- also, corrupt Clintons fronting for Rothschild empire, masonic-zionist cabal
* flashback: (Bill Moyers re: $Elections & 'Dark Money') =>
Paul Craig Roberts: analysis of Nice, France psyop, etc. -- clandestine masonic-zionist geopolitical agendas,
profiteering security-surveillance-weaponry war mongers & mass manipulation *(relevant links)...
note = Today's "RT" television broadcast actually mentioned "Operation Gladio" & referred to the website
""! =>
(flashback: 'Op. Gladio' overview) =>
Psychopathic Pharma profiteers now pushing for ineffectual, unnecessarily risky HPV vaccine jabs
to undermine the health of both girls & boys ... (USA: new 'CDC guidelines' for scam vaccines)
Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, Calif.) -- Security Robot deployment interrupted, disrupted --
by a shopper's toddler (unfortunately injurious encounter) ...
Gen. Ozturk, detained as suspected coup leader, previously served as Turkish Mil. Attache to Israel ...
(also) =>
=> Now, Armenia 'coup attempt' fracas? =>
* weird flashback: (alleged perp. of March 2016 Istanbul bombing was named "Mehmet OZTURK") ??
Israeli corporation "NICE Systems" -- security/surveillance biz & data mining ...
(also see) =>