By Philip Giraldi • Unz Review • October 4, 2016 --
9/11 masonic-zionist False Flag op., UK & US 'inside job' colluders, war-profiteering finaglers,
sayanim perps. and the notoriously gloating 'dancing Israelis' ...
Two of the 15 confidential sources have been identified through trial as Mark McConnell, who was driving the Jeep when Ammon Bundy was arrested on Jan. 26, and Terri Linnell, who was called as a witness by the defense.
(Aug. 2016) UK 'independent inquiry' into decades of child sex abuse (perpetrated
by now conveniently deceased Lord Greville Janner & other elite oligarchy creeps)
was thrown into corrupt chaos after Dame Goddard became the 3rd chairman to resign ...
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Billionaire sicko Jeffrey Epstein was long thought to be ammo against the Clintons—until a lurid new lawsuit accused Trump of raping one of Epstein’s girls himself.
"The world's first solar power airport in India's Kerala state is a success" ...
(relevant links): Bangalore airport (Kamataka state) next =>
"Solar Roadways" prototype tiles
(2015) "Through her 'intense monitoring of social media', notorious Ziopath propaganda spinmeister Rita Katz
somehow came up with yet another (alleged, so-called) 'ISIS' threat video" ...
(note: acronym 'ISIS' = "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" along w/ corrupt colluders (including MI5-6, CIA, DHS & FBI,
& sordid intel. agencies of other countries, masonic operatives & worldwide sayanim}
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