Polybius is a supposed arcade game featured in an Internet urban legend. According to the story, the Tempest-style game was released to the public in 1981, and caused its players to go insane, causing them to suffer from intense stress, horrific nightmares, and even suicidal tendencies. A short time after its release, it supposedly disappeared without a trace. Not much evidence for the existence of such a game has ever been discovered.[1]
Nestle says the products may have been affected by a meat recall by Rancho Feeding Corp. that was announced last week.

Rancho is recalling more than 8.7 million pounds of beef products after regulators said that it processed diseased and unhealthy animals without a full inspection. The USDA says the products were unfit for human consumption.
Bill Gates' wholly-owned energy company has filed for bankruptcy protection / Texas -- 3 (Natural Gas & Coal-Fired) power plants.
Hmm... {natural gas prices were recently on downward trend due to oversupply} but now...
^ Look up geoengineering: manipulated jet stream diversion [so-called Polar Vortex] & 'mucho' snowstorm pile-ups / in Midwest, along East Coast & Southeast USA (record cold temps.) => hence, Natural Gas (& 'desperate for propane') prices suddenly soaring/surging ^ Wall Street sez: U$A Hooray!
42 coastal project sites ~Kelp Watch 2014~ (from Baja Calif. to Alaska)
Eugene Mallory was an 80-yr-old retired engineer who was respected and loved by his community.

He often helped his neighbors and struck up conversations to offer them the wisdom of his life experiences.

All of that came to an end early one morning as numerous officers bashed in his front door and raided his home.

Moments later, Eugene was found riddled with bullet wounds, in his bed.
Many benefit programs have gone high tech with debit cards and J.P. Morgan Chase and others are making a pretty penny charging users fees.
Nineteen-year-old satanist Miranda Barbour admits to killing Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton. In a prison interview Friday night, she said that she considered sparing his life until he said the wrong thing. She also said LaFerrara was one of dozens of such victims she killed in the past six years.
also, see related (sardonic) video = [Stepford-esque] Town of Newtown, Conn.
(& 'enabler' G.E. corp.) are on a Fed-funded 'mental health' [brainwashing services] hiring spree