Paul Craig Roberts: analysis of Nice, France psyop, etc. -- clandestine masonic-zionist geopolitical agendas,
profiteering security-surveillance-weaponry war mongers & mass manipulation *(relevant links)...
note = Today's "RT" television broadcast actually mentioned "Operation Gladio" & referred to the website
""! =>
(flashback: 'Op. Gladio' overview) =>
Psychopathic Pharma profiteers now pushing for ineffectual, unnecessarily risky HPV vaccine jabs
to undermine the health of both girls & boys ... (USA: new 'CDC guidelines' for scam vaccines)
Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, Calif.) -- Security Robot deployment interrupted, disrupted --
by a shopper's toddler (unfortunately injurious encounter) ...
Gen. Ozturk, detained as suspected coup leader, previously served as Turkish Mil. Attache to Israel ...
(also) =>
=> Now, Armenia 'coup attempt' fracas? =>
* weird flashback: (alleged perp. of March 2016 Istanbul bombing was named "Mehmet OZTURK") ??
Israeli corporation "NICE Systems" -- security/surveillance biz & data mining ...
(also see) =>
Aangirfan: 'Rundown' of staged Nice, France masonic-zionist PSYOP ... "State of Emergency" extended ...
(manikins, dummies, fakery / duplicity deployed) =>
PHOTO OP. (Stallone head exploding !) =>
* (coincidentally) =>
Theresa May - deeply compromised, manipulated & bullied by masonic-zionist elites (& kabbalah-cabal gangsters)
- UK Home Office notorious involvement in apparent coverup, delayed justice re: Oligarchy Pedo Crimes
(eg. Greville Janner) =>
* =>

During Google CEO Eric Schmidt's recent visit, IDF troop formation spelled out "Google" logo on tarmac
(note: 'Intel inside' - embedded) ! *relevant news =>