Tamuz 5777 (2017) - The Israel Security and Intelligence Service (aka "ISIS"/Mossad)
plans to invest in tech, including: "Innovative technologies for automatic identification
of personality characteristics (Profiling) based on online behavior and activity" ...
* relevant (June 2017, "Cyber Week Conf." Tel Aviv) =>
(Problem-Reaction-$olution profiteering, racketeering?)
"Since South Sudan’s independence, Israel has continuously sold it weapons, military training,
homeland security & surveillance technology. The only problem? They are being used to commit 
war crimes and potential crimes against humanity"...
shambolic measles vaccination campaign -- including untrained workers injecting "contaminated doses"
(of already hazardous vaccines) -- results in deadly fiasco !
Israel and Cyprus, Greece & Italy have agreed to continue to pursue the development of an offshore
Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline project connecting to Europe ... (related news) =>
*(flashback) => http://journal-neo.org/2015/10/26/genies-and-genocide-syria-israel-russia-and-much-oil-2/
**(also) =>
"Sheila Abdus-Salaam (esteemed progressive, idealistic civil rights attorney & pioneering state appellate court judge)
found floating on the banks of the river under mysterious circumstances -- only days after
another judge in Chicago was shot dead outside his own home." ... =>
(IMEMC News - March 23, 2017) - "U.S. President Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East reportedly asked, during last week’s meeting, for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to freeze settlement construction in Jerusalem and outside the large settlement blocs"...
Paul Manafort arranged for Trump to help participants in Rosneft oil deal
sordidly & greedily induced Oxycontin, opioid & heroin epidemic spreading worldwide...
* (relevant links re: corrupt 'sayanim' Sackler clan) =>