increasingly, China’s rich are also offshoring their families along with their cash. That’s created a real estate boom in an unlikely corner of the United States: suburban Seattle.
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(by Jerry Mazza, originally at former excellent political news site: "Online Journal"): More details -- Zackheim,
PNAC plotters, Sept. 11th, Israel & Military-Industrial Complex profiteers, the Pentagon and the missing BIG MONEY...
$ (see flashback) =>
Two Italian citizens were arrested in a grace and favour Jaguar allocated to Cardinal Jorge Melia. The Cardinal's secretary gave the car to the two men so that they could service it, it is claimed.
As the world gears up to finance Gaza’s $6bn reconstruction after Operation Protective Edge, an EU source has revealed that Israel will earn billions of euros by making sure that all the steel, concrete and other materials and other aid are sourced in Israel and benefit Israeli companies.
Hmm... (??) "World Health Organisation programme suspended after reports that up to 36 children have died after receiving
the apparently 'tainted' measles vaccination"...
(Sept 2014): Studies presented at 'Fluoride Action Network' conference show neurotoxicity... (interesting: although
Israel govt recently banned water fluoridation for itself, 'Kabbalah cabal' operatives/affiliates have aggressively pushed for expanded fluoridation in other parts of world -- including UK, USA [recent sneaky intro. of fluoridation in San Jose,CA &
corrupt attempt in Portland/Oregon which citizens quashed! -- unfortunately, San Francisco has fluoridated water for decades].
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