Australian father and son team, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, have spent the last ten years designing this amazing beehive which allows bees to live as naturally as possible (the hive is never opened), while still providing us with raw honey. It enables people to harvest honey without causing them any harm whatsoever.
On Friday, September 26, 2014, a telecommunications contractor named Brian Howard woke early and headed to Chicago Center, an air traffic control hub in Aurora, Illinois, where he had worked for eight years. He had decided to get stoned and kill himself, and as his final gesture he planned to take a chunk of the US air traffic control system with him.
The handcuffs can deliver electric shocks between 20,000 and 150,000 volts for durations of 0.5 to 10 seconds. Shocks can be triggered remotely from up to 300 feet away, or programmed to happen automatically in a variety of situations such as the detainee stepping outside a boundary.
Jane Doe #3's declaration and Alan Dershowitz….
Thai agricultural workers in Israel face serious labor rights abuses because Israeli authorities are failing
to enforce their own laws, Human Rights Watch said in a report released in Jan. 2015"
(IRIN) re: exploitation of migrant workers in Israel =>
If you're still watching cable, it turns out that channels like TBS and TNT are now speeding up syndicated programs, classics films and other shows by as
Thirty patients are being recruited to take part in a study looking at the anti-cancer abilities of dandelion root extract, taken from the common yellow yard weed.
I took the liberty of putting a full reprint of this article as people are already having trouble accessing the download referred to here. See what you think, but there’s a lot of compelling evidence here.