Exposure to light at night, which shuts off nighttime production of the hormone melatonin, renders breast cancer completely resistant to tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug, says a new study. Melatonin by itself delayed the formation of tumors and significantly slowed their growth, researchers report, but tamoxifen caused a dramatic regression of tumors in animals with either high nighttime levels of melatonin during complete darkness or those receiving melatonin supplementation during dim light at night exposure."
Two American patients stricken with Ebola are to be flown from Africa to the U.S., ABC News has learned.
A hunger strike is starting at the Geo Group run detention center near Seattle WA
[UK GUARDIAN]: "Israel's Defense Minister has confirmed that military plans to 'uproot Hamas' are about dominating
Gaza's (substantial) natural gas reserves & lucrative deals for off-shore drilling"...

(March, 2014) "Hundreds of participants, including Arab Christians, gathered in Bethlehem for the 'Christ at the Checkpoint' Conference, which addressed and challenged the ongoing & detrimental role of (so-called) 'Christian Zionism'
in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"...
(July 30) "Taiwan's government said it would seal off a nuclear power plant slated to open next year,
but repeatedly attacked as unsafe by the public, pending a referendum on its future"...
Also -- update re: (July 31) Kaohsiung city gas explosion incident,
resulting from PetroChem factory leak of 'propylene gas'
(which filled the sewers) =>
As a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas held for a third day, Netanyahu met with a group of US legislators, including Rep. Steve Israel (D-LI,) to discuss the country’s tense security situation and some fissures in US-Israel relations.

Netanyahu makes a preemptive attempt to have his thugs prevent war crime charges after leveling Gaza.

on a junket along with law enforcement officials from across the United States -- this trip was under the
sponsoring auspices of (so-called) 'Anti-Defamation League' (ADL, an arm of jewish freemasronry org. B'nai B'rith) ...
^ Also, must see this relevant tweet from
Glenn Greenwald (& responses) ! =>