How did millions of Chinese "buyers" manage to get tens of billions of yuan or dollars out of the mainland - a country which as is well-known has strict capital controls when it comes to individual and corporate offshore outflows? Under Chinese law, citizens are allowed take only the equivalent of US$50,000 out of the country each year:
[flashback] investigative journalist Max Blumenthal re: detrimental 'Israelification' of U.S. police forces
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CIA role in collusion w/ Israeli military-mossad-mafia & innumerable 'front companies'
in Central Am. - political dirty tricks & coups, militarization & death squads, global contraband
(drugs, weapons & human organs), sex trafficking - 'undocumented immigrant' smuggling / cheap labor exploitation
for agribusiness (such as notorious 'Rubashkin' meatpacking & meth factory), corp. sweatshops, construction,
homecare, & hotel-restaurant industries:
overview of Rubashkin case =>
Well before curfew, something is happening in Ferguson that caused the police to use the LRAD sound cannon and then shots were breaking out. It was unclear who fired them but a protester was hit, and everyone else fled. This should be archived later.
"ISIS CRISIS" staged psyop., featuring ludicrous theatrics, laughable faux costumes & (holy-moly) Foley headless mindless (satirical?) 'snuff' video = FAKE FAKE FAKE = phony ('kosher') baloney = pathetically mendacious
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"Florida Polytechnic University in Tampa has just opened, with over 300 students attending the first day of classes this week.
The newly-built campus has a gorgeous library building, but no plans to stock it with books. Instead, it will be the nation's
first all-digital college library. But it gets weirder than that"...
Los Angeles is in a rental crisis. Los Angeles is in a homebuying crisis. There isn't enough housing. There definitely isn't enough housing that's affordable for the average wage...
Western re-colonisation of Africa is decidedly underway: that was the point of the US-Africa Leaders Summit. The American pledges for new investment in Africa pale into insignificance compared with the wealth the US loots from Africa and the accompanying destabilization through increased military intervention