(March, 2014) "Hundreds of participants, including Arab Christians, gathered in Bethlehem for the 'Christ at the Checkpoint' Conference, which addressed and challenged the ongoing & detrimental role of (so-called) 'Christian Zionism'
in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"...
[UK GUARDIAN]: "Israel's Defense Minister has confirmed that military plans to 'uproot Hamas' are about dominating
Gaza's (substantial) natural gas reserves & lucrative deals for off-shore drilling"...

Two American patients stricken with Ebola are to be flown from Africa to the U.S., ABC News has learned.
Sharks, bats, moths, whales, birds have all been found to used the same Magic Movements. A&M study finds magic formula of physics moves every kind of animal on earth.
AT&T released its first "Transparency Report" this week concerning U.S. government surveillance of its customers. But to those familiar with the leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Ma Bell’s numbers come up short by more than 80 million spied-upon customers. All of which means that AT&T’s first foray into Transparency Land is laughable at best and frightening at worst. Surprisingly, though, it’s not AT&T’s fault. Here's why.
The technology, developed by Peloton Tech, uses radar and a wireless link so that the following trucks travel at the same speed, braking simultaneously for safety, and doing so on an automated system that doesn't have the delays of human reaction time.
Cambodia has one rail line. It is not well built, not maintained, and generally unsafe. For that reason, Cambodia no longer operates heavy trains. The people, however, have created an inexpensive and lightweight system to travel safely on the rails. These bamboo trains are pushed by small gasoline engines, and roll on two axles. They can be removed from the railroad or assembled in about a minute flat.
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) announced today that they have manufactured long-chain hydrocarbons -- that is essentially gasoline -- entirely from seawater, and used the fuel to power a flying model aircraft.