Under the Defence Trade Controls Act — which passed into law in April, and will come into force next year — there is a real possibility that even seemingly innocuous educational and research activities could fall foul of Australian defence export control laws. The DSGL classifies anything over 512 bits as dual-use. In reality, the only cryptography not covered by the DSGL is cryptography so weak that it would be imprudent to use.
news reports: (YINON PLAN) "Israel has become the main buyer for oil from ISIS controlled territory"...
Let's be honest & well-informed:
the provocateur-psyops. (fabricated concoction) 'ISIS' =
"Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" & corrupt colluders (including
ludicrously retarded, amateurish videos and propaganda devised by Rita Katz/SITE Intel group)
=> duckduckgo.com/?q=ISIS++%22Rita+Katz%22+
Now four former Air Force drone operators-turned-whistleblowers have had their credit cards and bank accounts frozen, according to human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack.
This 25 square foot unit grows enough fish and vegetables to completely feed one adult all year long.

Aquaponics is a symbiotic farming model that combines two different techniques to provide water and nutrients to plants in a unique way. As you may imply from the name, Aquaponics combines aquaculture with a hydroponic system. Aquaculture is the technique of raising aquatic animals in tanks, while hydroponics is a system of growing plants inside of water.
Marygold Collins, 46, a British-Israeli mother of twins, is launching the legal fight following a two-year battle to rescue her girls from the institution holding them.

Two years ago, her eight-year-old twin daughters, Becky and Sylvie, were taken away from her and put into an institution after it was alleged that the children were behind with their learning.

After two agonising years, in which the children talked of abuse, and endless court battles, Mrs Collins took things a step further and launched the legal action.
(Nov. 2015) Spanish Judge issues arrest warrant for Israeli officials over 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla incident,
in which 10 international activists were killed ...
(Propaganda Press Monitor) re: Paris concert -- "Deja vu" -- another Staged 'False Flag' Covert Operation
'Problem-Reaction-Solution' by the Masonic-Zionist deceitful military-industrial-finance-surveillance-pseudosecurity-profiteering-
exploitation & media/whores $$$ complex ~~> (for historical reference)...
=> whatreallyhappened.com/node/470197#axzz3rSQO7NpY
Scientists suspect our intestinal community of microbes, the human microbiota, calibrates our immune and metabolic function, and that its corruption or depletion can increase the risk of chronic diseases, ranging from asthma to obesity. One might think that if we coevolved with our microbes, they’d be more or less the same in healthy humans everywhere. But that’s not what the scientists observed.