Cambodia has one rail line. It is not well built, not maintained, and generally unsafe. For that reason, Cambodia no longer operates heavy trains. The people, however, have created an inexpensive and lightweight system to travel safely on the rails. These bamboo trains are pushed by small gasoline engines, and roll on two axles. They can be removed from the railroad or assembled in about a minute flat.
AT&T released its first "Transparency Report" this week concerning U.S. government surveillance of its customers. But to those familiar with the leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Ma Bell’s numbers come up short by more than 80 million spied-upon customers. All of which means that AT&T’s first foray into Transparency Land is laughable at best and frightening at worst. Surprisingly, though, it’s not AT&T’s fault. Here's why.
I saw this pop up on Hopsicker's feed - Chip Tatum has a new site up. Download section has some transcripts of his drug running days with Ollie North with supporting documents "The following documents were filed with base operations at Palmerola Air Base, Honduras between February and May 1985. This was a full two years prior to the world ever hearing the names Oliver North or Iran/Contra. The documents were filed and stored through the years by the Honduran Military. Recent attempts to locate the documents proved successful..."
In a case weighing the government’s ability to require vaccination against the individual right to refuse it, a federal judge has upheld a New York City policy that bars unimmunized children from public school when another student has a vaccine-preventable disease.
Sharks, bats, moths, whales, birds have all been found to used the same Magic Movements. A&M study finds magic formula of physics moves every kind of animal on earth.
International solidarity activists are attempting to protect Gaza's only rehabilitation hospital, the Israel Defense Forces
has indicated it plans to bomb. The activists joined elderly disabled patients unable to leave, because the rest of Gaza's
hospitals are in a state of emergency... *Here's full article Link [print version]: =>
*(detailed) UPDATE =>
1:22 – “Now I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven”

No matter what you make of this, it's just plain weird.
creeping NSA-tech... "this summer a pilot program of the 'National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace'
(NSTIC) will begin in gov't. agencies in two U.S. states -- to test out whether the pros of a federally verified cyber ID
outweigh the cons" ...