Before turning to my piece about why it will be such a challenge for anyone involved in the Malheur Occupation to get a fair hearing in what I often refer to as the so-called justice system, there’s something else I’ve got to get off my chest.
The Japanese lettuce production company Spread believes the farmers of the future will be robots.
So much so that Spread is creating the world's first farm manned entirely by robots. Instead of relying on human farmers, the indoor Vegetable Factory will employ robots that can harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce every day.
There’s a case to be made that Hilly and Bill Clinton, through Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, facilitated the sale of Uranium One to Putin and the Russians. And if so, and if this area of Oregon is projected to be part of that uranium mining deal, then we are looking at a stunning “coincidence”: the US federal government is coming down hard on a group of protestors who are occupying, for their own reasons, a very valuable piece of territory that goes far beyond the issue of private cattle grazing on government land.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, "an increasing percentage of babies are being born with
this condition (gastroschisis, a rare birth defect) worryingly more common in recent years, particularly for young
African American mothers" -- Hmm... GMO foods consumption, contaminated drugs/vaccines, Chemtrails spraying or ???

(so-called) "ISIS" = "ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE" & Masonic-Zionist corrupt colluders
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There's no question about it. A new epoch—the Anthropocene—has begun.

So says an international group of geoscientists, in a paper published Friday in the journal Science. They point to waste disposal, fossil fuel combustion, increased fertilizer use, the testing and dropping of nuclear weapons, deforestation, and more as evidence that human activity has pushed the Earth into the new age that takes its name from the Greek anthropos, or human being.
Azov is the volunteer regiment historically and ideologically aligned with the old Nazi party of WW2.
Oklahoma (center of the countries hydrocarbon industry, wink,wink) had more earthquakes in 2015 than every state combined, including Hawaii but excluding massive Alaska.