New irrigation methods mean veggies and fruits serve up used pharmaceuticals. While the amounts of the drug in produce-eater’s pee were four orders of magnitude lower than what is seen in the pee of patients purposefully taking the drugs, researchers speculate that the trace amounts could still have health effects in some people, such as those with a genetic sensitivity to the drugs, pregnant women, children, and those who eat a lot of produce, such as vegetarians.
William F. Engdahl (via NEO journal) analyzes "the unexpected REFUSAL last month of 3 EU member states
to go along with the decision of the EU Health & Food Safety Commissioner and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
to re-approve the world’s most widely used weed-killer chemical" (Monsanto Roundup) ...
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Brussels Masonic-Zionist terror drill scenario (op. Gladio / Purim treat)
via 'Aangirfan' blog: perceptive overview, numerous key links...
(excerpt = The ambulance finaglers/first responders 'United Hatzalah' mafia was already
positioned at Brussels airport when explosions took place on 3/22.
By the way, United Hatzalah & the IDF recently conducted a joint Mass Casualty Training drill.
Also, on Feb. 29th, the EU staged a massive 'disaster capitalism' drill involving trains in Kent, UK ) =>
(March 2016 - 'Penny for your thoughts' blog): Mosul Dam, Iraq & Disaster Capitalism --
geopolitical schemes, Israeli "Yinon Plan", control of land, minerals & water resources, and manipulative control of populations.
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The FDA has now officially been completely captured by the pharmaceutical industry. With the confirmation of pharma insider Robert Califf as the new head of the FDA, America can look forward to many years of FDA malfeasance in conspiracy with pharmaceutical manufacturers ...
(2014) London property owner Bloomberg receives the 9/11 masonic-zionist 'false flag' collusion award:
Former NYC Mayor granted honorary knighthood (KBE) by Queen of England - creepy=>
* (Sept. 11th aftermath) -- related news -- (Feb. 13th 2002 ^ "Former Mayor Giuliani knighted by Queen"
** (also, NYC police hoodlum Bernard Kerik given CBE, Commander British Empire, by the Queen!) =>
Yes, it sounds like something out of a bad science fiction novel — or maybe an X-Men comic — but Melbourne researchers say it's true.
scroll... (additional articles): Israel lobbies worldwide & govt/mil censors Israeli bloggers...
(Reporters w/o Borders "press freedom" ranking: UK 34, USA 49 & Israel 101) see link =>!/
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