Cambodia has one rail line. It is not well built, not maintained, and generally unsafe. For that reason, Cambodia no longer operates heavy trains. The people, however, have created an inexpensive and lightweight system to travel safely on the rails. These bamboo trains are pushed by small gasoline engines, and roll on two axles. They can be removed from the railroad or assembled in about a minute flat.
Crucial, comprehensive article: necessary to investigate shadowy role of Israeli corp. 'Magna BSP',
covert agendas, pseudo-security (& harmful Stuxnet lurking), causing havoc behind scenes at Fukushima ...
also, view (video, Japan Parliament 2008): "truthseeker Yukihisa Fujita, MP rep. from *Ibaraki*,
questions 9/11" -- &
& flashback 2009: "Japan sentences Hasidic Israeli teen to 8 years after (90,000 pills) Ecstasy smuggling bust
w/ accomplices at Narita airport" --
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown revealed new details about Friday night's drive by shootings in Isla Vista during a Saturday morning news conference, including a new death toll and a possible link to an ominous YouTube video.
"During the Pontiff's weekly general address, he spoke to the crowd about his view on the RFID technology, and assured his many followers..."
A FOIA battle with the FBI reveals that the agency was paying a lot of attention to the late journalist's reporting on the missing soldier.
You might know Dick Cheney as the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks and the disinformation about Weapons of Mass Destruction in the lead up to the Iraq War. But those weren't his only ideas...
I know that the words of a journalist, however eloquent they may be, can't fully communicate the macabre scenes of carnage, especially when the victims are mostly children and helpless civilians.