While Americans in the nearby city of Detroit face life in third world conditions, unable to even afford running water,  the state of Michigan decided to direct its resources towards cracking down on a small food co-op in Standish for having the utter audacity to provide milk, butter, cream and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy.
It's documented that... The 'Islamic Resistance Movement' (Hamas) was founded & deceitfully
instigated by Mossad with the strategic purpose to prevent the formation of a Palestinian State.
'Deception is the art of war' -- Israel has clandestine operatives & agent provocateurs continuously
planted within Hamas -- Israel historically & currently manipulates and covertly controls Hamas handlers
& (cointel psyop) duped recruits to do its bidding -- Cui bono?
*see video Link -- (Ron Paul: "Israel created Hamas"):

A relic from the Cold War appears to have triggered a software glitch at a major air traffic control center in California Wednesday that led to delays and ca...
Something deep and dark has transpired behind the Orwellian “curtain”  used by the elitists to hide the inner workings of the financial markets, especially with regard to big bank balance sheets and OTC derivatives.  What’s happening right now reminds me of the movie “Jurassic Park.”  You can hear and feel the monster coming but you can’t see it yet and you don’t know when it will pop up in your face or how big it is.
...the ongoing Western policy of appeasement towards the radical insurgents in Kiev very much resembles the Anglo-American connivance in Hitler’s accession to power in Germany in 1933 and the rise of the Third Reich.
Efforts endanger access to and pricing of life’s most precious resource
The NYPD's effort to use Twitter to elicit photos of positive NYPD-public interactions backfired on Tuesday, when several users instead posted photos of police brutality to the suggested hashtag #myNYPD.