Researchers at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory transmitted a low-power wireless signal
through a wall and measured how long it took the signals to bounce back. Changes in the reflected signals allowed
the team to track and measure several individuals' movements & also their breathing ...
The enormous volume of water comes from the ongoing need to keep the three melted-down reactor cores cool. More than four years after the disaster, pumps still must pour a constant stream of water into the pressure vessels that contain the radioactive cores. But the meltdowns and explosions rendered those vessels leaky, so TEPCO collects the water that seeps out, as well as rainwater that flows down the hills and through the shattered buildings.
Something deep and dark has transpired behind the Orwellian “curtain”  used by the elitists to hide the inner workings of the financial markets, especially with regard to big bank balance sheets and OTC derivatives.  What’s happening right now reminds me of the movie “Jurassic Park.”  You can hear and feel the monster coming but you can’t see it yet and you don’t know when it will pop up in your face or how big it is.
(June 2015): "Punctuating an extraordinary sequence of events which slowly unfolded over the past several
years, DC Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher granted the new-trial request made by attorneys for Ingmar Guandique
(the man previously & controversially 'convicted' for Chandra Levy's death)" ...
*also, interesting speculation =>
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Snowden DoublePlusUngood: Continuing shades of Orwell in the NSA saga

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Ecocapsule is a portable house offering an unmatched dwelling experience. With its immense off-grid life span, worldwide portability and flexibility it is suitable for a wide range of applications: from an independent research station or a tourist lodge to an emergency housing or a humanitarian-action unit.
F. W. Engdahl: "Why don't doctors tell people that Chemo Kills?" -- interesting history of chemotherapy
& chem. warfare experimentation... also, alarming medical research reports which document the harmful toxicity
of chemotherapy
Today's action at the DARPA Robotics Challenge has been interesting, but if there's one takeaway so far it's this: the robot apocalypse is not here yet.