Despite opposition from parliamentary agriculture comm. & also a moratorium advisement by
Indian Supreme Court -- and without sufficient regulatory framework -- experimental GMO crops
(in addition to already widespread commercialized farming of Bt cotton) have been approved for field trials in India --
including rice, maize, chickpea, sugarcane, etc...
*(former Monsanto CEO) =>
(April 2015): "U.S. Dept. of 'Homeland Security & Corrupt Fraudulent Profiteering' plans to open
a branch office in Silicon Valley, U.S. Secty. of 'Homeland InSecurity' Jeh Johnson announced at RSA,
the world's largest computer security conference" - (Hmm... Let's research: RSA Pres. "Amit Yoran") =>
Because Matanov deleted his cache, he was charged with “Destruction, Alteration, and Falsification of Records, Documents, and a Tangible Object in a Federal Investigation” which could land him in a cell for 20 years.

The government has admitted and the indictment makes clear they have “no evidence that Matanov had foreknowledge or participated in the bombings.” Yet he’s been in jail this entire time.
Those born after 1929 to parents not of Dominican ancestry will see citizenship revoked, racism against people of Haitian descent.
Why did it take so long for someone to discover the fraud? It’s a question many have asked in the last week and a half as observers both inside and outside of academia ponder what this scandal means for science. A big part of the answer, it turns out, lies in David Broockman’s story.
Milwaukee County residents behind on their property taxes or court fines would be charged an additional 15% under a proposal to use public money to pay for half the cost of a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks.

A key part of the arena plan would turn responsibility for collecting Milwaukee County's old debt over to the state, which has more power to get money from those who haven't paid. That means someone who owed the county $1,000 now would have to pay $1,150.
Researchers at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory transmitted a low-power wireless signal
through a wall and measured how long it took the signals to bounce back. Changes in the reflected signals allowed
the team to track and measure several individuals' movements & also their breathing ...
The enormous volume of water comes from the ongoing need to keep the three melted-down reactor cores cool. More than four years after the disaster, pumps still must pour a constant stream of water into the pressure vessels that contain the radioactive cores. But the meltdowns and explosions rendered those vessels leaky, so TEPCO collects the water that seeps out, as well as rainwater that flows down the hills and through the shattered buildings.