"A sea of hungry, haunted faces looks out from a massive queue winding through the bombed out Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Syria -- photo (taken on Jan. 31st at a Damascus-area Palestinian refugee camp) shows desperate circumstances of men, women, & children ...
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(there was something strange about this town near Salinas, CA. Everyone drives very slowly there and you do see police much more often than typical California).

As the Euromaidan protests in the Ukrainian
capitol of Kiev culminated this week, displays of
open fascism and neo-Nazi extremism became too
glaring to ignore. Since demonstrators filled the
downtown square to battle Ukrainian riot police and
demand the ouster of the corruption-stained,
pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich, it has been
filled with far-right streetfighting men pledging to
defend their country�s ethnic purity.
• Optic Nerve program collected Yahoo webcam images in bulk • 1.8m users targeted by UK agency in six-month period alone • Yahoo: 'A whole new level of violation of our users' privacy'
The FBI had a mole inside al Qaeda who met with Osama bin Laden eight years prior to 9/11 and knew he planned to finance terror attacks, but the bureau declined to tell Congressional investigators or the 9/11 Commission about the mole, sources involved in the case told NBC News.

The mole, NBC News has learned exclusively, was a Los Angeles-based “driver and confidante” of the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel-Rahman, now in prison for his role in planning the original 1993 terror attack on New York’s World Trade Center.
Palestinian refugees in Syria's Yarmouk camp tell the BBC of their hardship, after seven months under siege without regular food supplies, due to Syrian 'Rebels' infiltrating/taking over part of the district ...

History resources, including list of films & theater productions re: the Ukrainian “Holodomor” Famine/Genocide
of 1932-1933 perpetrated by Stalin's Soviet Regime (& affiliates).

'World Economic Forum' (Davos): during his 3-day attendance, Netanyahu pushed for increased 'Cybersecurity partnerships' -- He met w/ heads of state & CEO's -- including bullying/prodding the Yahoo! CEO into investing & working more closely
with Israel [note: Ms. Mayer will visit Israel in July 2014] --
Of course, Yahoo! biz rivals Microsoft & especially Google are (already) very tightly entwined &
embedded w/ Israel.
^ ie. Israeli (`Cybersecurity`) profiteering operandi: via (strategically manipulated) espionage, sabotage & controlled 'leaks' (??)