Underground sensors have detected excessive radiation levels inside a nuclear waste storage site deep below New Mexico's desert, but no workers have been exposed and there was no risk to public health, U.S. Department of Energy officials said on Sunday.
"Pastor Jamie Coots carries on the family legacy of snake handling..." Dead from snake bite.
inspiring, educational recently-produced film re: organic farming & beneficial ecology
A pilot shortage has forced smaller airlines to cancel flights and ground jets, a side effect of federal regulations that have dramatically increased the minimum number of flight hours required for new pilots.
For the first time, fuel for a nuclear fusion reaction has generated more energy than put into it – a scientific milestone that brings the dream of abundant clean energy a significant step closer to reality.
Your 60-hour work week is not a badge of honour. It is a problem; something is broken. It's in your control to fix it.
Ok, I've got Pligg to a point where it might be usable. Consider this a Beta phase.

From everything I've been reading about Pligg, spam is an incredibly serious problem. Because of that, I'm going to stick with manual account creation.

If you would like to be able to submit stories and vote on them, email me your desired username and I'll create an account for you. Please use the term cryptogon.net in the subject.

What's my email address? During the beta phase, let me just try to manage with the people who already know my email address.

We had a great mix of people posting here ov