The mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, or MRAP, will have teddy bears in it, school police officials say. The MRAP is a piece of military surplus equipment that's worth around $733,000.
"ISIS" = 'Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" + US/UK, NATO, Turkey, Saudi collusion = 'YINON PLAN' (geo expansion, exploitation: land/oil/water control & gas pipelines to European customers, & countering Iran)...
^ I've noticed that mendacious fabricators & bullcrappers Rita Katz/SITE non-intel group, Daniel Pipes,
Pamela Geller & noxious ilk, (likkudite) neocon schemers, along with entourage of presstitutes/pundits
& 'sayanim' lackeys seem to be getting rather desperate lately...
(also view) =>
With the opening of the new Hollywood film "Kill the Messenger" this week, we look back at Democracy Now! interviews with Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter the film is based on.
very insightful article about detrimental, abusive, mindless & soul-crushing aspects
of unhealthy public education 'factories' -- also, the writer presents suggestions for healthier, creative alternatives
that encourage & enhance children's educational pathways and experiential learning.
On Tuesday of this week (Aug. 26), Israel officially stopped adding fluoride to its water supplies. The decision has “been lauded by various rights groups, but criticized by many in the medical and dental communities as a serious mistake,” as the Times of Israel put it.
Supply and manufacturing problems, plus fewer companies in the market among causes
Uber's aggressive competitiveness (& arrogant flagrance) goes above & beyond - recklessly careening from one fiasco
to next - snooping, groping/brawling incidents mount (while VC + Google-funded valuation accelerates)--
'kabbalah cabal'-led biz, more to come... (rival 'Lyft' investor Peter Thiel - haha):
By Ralph Nader (Nov, 21, 2014): "Two recent news items about the voracious pharma-drug industry
should call for a supine Congress to arouse itself and initiate investigations about the pay-or-die drug prices
that are far too common"...