A New Jersey woman who worked four jobs, who sometimes “wouldn’t sleep for five days,” according to a co-worker, died Monday while napping between shifts in her car on the side of the road.
When you think about your future multi-million dollar shipping moguls and up-and-coming diplomats, please remember a small handful of them probably received their Ivy League degrees thanks to me.
Henry Makow: "Yo'av Shamir's enlightening film, entitled 'Defamation', shows Jews are prisoners of Zionism, along
w/ Palestinians & the rest of the world. I found it painful to watch young Israelis being put in mental cages... Jews
have been duped and betrayed. I too was brainwashed"...
{this excellent doc: watch free, full-length 93 min.} => www.freedocumentary.tv/defamation
* => yoavshamirfilms.com
insightful Film Review => www.counter-currents.com/2011/10/yoav-shamirs-defamation/

Bill & Melinda Gates jump onto Michael Bloomberg's 'Rolls Royce' bandwagon -- why are these super-wealthy elites so
worried about gun access by the 'commoners' & so stoked about restricting the 2nd Amendment (for lower-echelon folks)?
(prior news) => www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-13/ballmer-joins-billionaires-pushing-washington-gun-control.html
When the US Army looks to the future, it sees cities.
Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death. In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. Nana Petakar became a brand ambassador for Monsanto. The advertising has been called “aggressive, unscrupulous and false.”
A massive breach and cover up at an Arizona fusion center could involve a Chinese spy and bigamist, good ole boy contracts, and a Chinese national who had access to everything while working on face recognition tech before he allegedly made off with 5 million Arizona citizens' details. The breach has been covered up for seven years.
Britain has “significantly underestimated” the risk that crop pests pose to its food supply. Fungi and viruses present so great a danger to staples such as wheat and potatoes that they may force the nation to change its diet, an academic has warned.