At the labor camp for Bioparques de Occidente, they and other farmworkers slept sprawled head to toe on concrete floors. Their rooms crawled with scorpions and bedbugs. Meals were skimpy, hunger a constant. Camp bosses kept people in line with threats and, when that failed, with their fists.

Escape was tempting but risky. The compound was fenced with barbed wire and patrolled by bosses on all-terrain vehicles. If the couple got beyond the gates, local police could arrest them and bring them back. Then they would be stripped of their shoes.
Private companies are currently, and have been acquiring large portions of your tax dollars from federal grants. These funds are in return being used to build and implement actual “Pre-crime” technologies.
"While the deaths occured in some 32 countries, the Palestine-Israel conflict has been the most dangerous for
news coverage this year -- with 16 journalists killed by Israel during the 'Operation Protective Edge'. Also, Mexico & Honduras
have been particularly risky places for journalists"...
Silicon Valley is pushing its way into every stage of the food-growing process, from tech tycoons buying up farmland to startups selling robots that work the fields to hackathons dedicated to building the next farming app.
Following rippling fallout from the slide in the Russian ruble, Switzerland sought to prevent the Swiss franc
from breaching upper limits imposed on the currency by introducing negative interest rates on commercial
bank deposits"... (related news) =>
I've never heard of this.

"It sounds humorous, but we argue that if a kid is okay with this bureaucratic elf spying on them in their home, it normalizes the idea of surveillance and in the future restrictions on our privacy might be more easily accepted," says digital technology professor Laura Pinto.
Nasa’s rover measures fluctuations of gas not easily explained by geology or organic material dropped by meteorites
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Court officials canceled a two-day pretrial hearing for suspects in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on Monday at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a U.S. Army spokesman said. No reason was given for the cancellation.