(March 30, 2015): "Two former law-enforcement agents (U.S. Secret Service & DEA) involved in task force
investigation that shut down Silk Road online drug marketplace have been charged with diverting & stealing
digital currency as they worked the case, according to a federal criminal complaint"... (also, see) =>
It might sound like something straight out of Q’s laboratory or the latest Marvel film but a group of scientists in California have successfully created eye drops that temporarily enable night vision.
As nanotechnology makes possible a world of machines too tiny to see, researchers are finding ways to combine living organisms with nonliving machinery to solve a variety of problems.

Like other first-generation bio-robots, the new nanobot engineered at the University of Illinois at Chicago is a far cry from Robocop. It’s a robotic germ.
He discusses with Neil deGrasse Tyson how artificial intelligence could turn humans into its pets.
Very, very strange one. Lots of red flags, but the fact that he admitted his mental health issues to the military would have precluded him from getting the security clearance in the first place.
The Urban Death Project utilizes the process of composting
to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil-building material,
creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological urban
alternative to existing options for the disposal of the dead.
Our government has become a government of secrets. So much of what they do is “secret”. They refuse to tell the people what they are doing. If the people ask, then they are told it is classified etc. The vast majority of all of this secret bs is conducted by “executive agencies” like the CIA the FBI, Homeland Security, the NSA , the military intelligence services and ON an ON. Therefore the vast majority of the secrets are kept under the guise of some vague amalgam that is allegedly based in “executive privilege”.
shady site (with moniker 'Evolution') peddled cocaine, meth, even fake IDs...
(+ see) => krebsonsecurity.com/2015/03/dark-webs-evolution-market-vanishes/
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Steve Sadler, Michael Shapiro) =>
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