Former NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander is now plying his security skills in the private sector and is said to be asking $1 million in consulting fees
On July 4 2014 we found a group of relays that we assume were trying to deanonymize users. They appear to have been targeting people who operate or access Tor hidden services. The attack involved modifying Tor protocol headers to do traffic confirmation attacks.
Shelved Black Hat presentation would have explained why you don't have to be the NSA to break Tor. By Tom Brewster
A struggling Korean baseball team have invented a novel way to improve atmosphere at their matches - by bringing in a crowd of robot fans.
Exposure to light at night, which shuts off nighttime production of the hormone melatonin, renders breast cancer completely resistant to tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug, says a new study. Melatonin by itself delayed the formation of tumors and significantly slowed their growth, researchers report, but tamoxifen caused a dramatic regression of tumors in animals with either high nighttime levels of melatonin during complete darkness or those receiving melatonin supplementation during dim light at night exposure."
"20-year-old Madelyne Meylor and her sister Olivia, 19, of Wisconsin say the HPV vaccination Guardasil caused them to go infertile"... *additional relevant Links:
*informative website =>
& view (re: prior lawsuits) =>
also (Dec. 2013) > "743,000 Gardasil shots recalled due to glass shards Contamination =>
From 'Gaza isn't occupied' to 'Hamas doesn't want a ceasefire' to 'Israel doesn't target civilians', it's time to rebut the key talking points of Israeli spokespersons such as Mark Regev. After all, "you're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts…"