ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - A Florida man annoyed that his 16-month-old crying son was preventing him from playing video games suffocated the toddler and left him to die in a playpen, police said on Friday.Cody
ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — A powerful magnitude-7.2 earthquake shook central and southern Mexico on Friday, sending panicked people into the streets, where broken windows and debris fell, but there were no early reports of major damage or casualties.
General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, “join” it in online communities like Facebook, enter a company-sponsored sweepstakes or contest or interact with it in a variety of other ways.
Almost one-fifth of China's farmland is polluted, according to a government report released this week. Officials have acknowledged the country's problems with water and air pollution, but the extent of soil contamination has been a closely guarded "state secret," for fear of incriminating certain provinces or companies. About 19.4% of China's farmland is polluted by cadmium, nickel and arsenic, according to the...
Efforts endanger access to and pricing of life’s most precious resource
After visiting Ethiopia and seeing for himself how women and children are forced to walk miles every day for water, an Italian designer set his mind to creating a solution that would be simple, create local jobs, and provide clean water for the mountainous villages. Named WarkaWater, for the traditional warka trees which are vanishing from the landscape, these towers made of bamboo and special fabric can harvest potable water, around 100 liters, from the evening air.
This is not 'one man against the government'.
This is collective voice of Americans against the government.
Even if Bundy has broken the law, all Americans
(except racists and officials) are behind him.
You may ask, WHY?
A South Fayette High School student convicted of disorderly conduct for attempting to record his bullies shouldn't have been prosecuted, legal experts said on Monday.