(March, 2015) Slate: Walmart meth lab busts/meth-mayhem have been a semiregular occurrence --
> (note: corrosive chem. ingredients include 'drain cleaner' & battery acid)!
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"U.S. biotech companies & their attempts to infest the planet with GMO's -- include attempts to corrupt Europe with their unwanted poison through a backdoor (Ukraine)"... after 'Euromaiden coup', via obedient (Kabbalah Cabal) client regime
now installed in Kiev... *(also, re: Monsanto's Roundup/glyphosate):
Worthy to note, as of January 2015, Norway is moving ahead with EISCAT 3D. To be completed by 2017. They are building FIVE DIFFERENT versions of a HAARP type array to work together with each other in conjuction using the VHF band.
"The Missing Links in the JFK hit"...
* (book re: gangsters Meyer Lansky & Mickey Cohen) =>
why are sayanim quite possibly 'worried' about (& downvoting) this factual info. posting ?
Researchers at the University of Miami have found that an over-the-counter supplement is effective in both preventing and treating prostate cancer.

The supplement, 4-methylumbelliferone (4-MU), is a non-toxic oral agent used as a dietary supplement in Europe and Asia for improving liver health. Treating mice with the supplement appeared to inhibit prostate cancer from further developing starting as soon as eight weeks after the rodents were diagnosed.
(April 2015) Problem-Reaction-$olution: "Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak Invests in 911-Type 'Platform Developer' with
Ample Political Connections"... Start-up co. 'Reporty Homeland Security Ltd' will transmit real-time emergency reports --
investment is designed to accelerate development, recruitment & continued distribution in 911-type agencies worldwide"...
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Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) predicted in a recent interview that President Barack Obama’s handling of the Middle East was a sign of the End Times and that Jesus Christ would soon return to Earth.
The former Florida governor's administration gave $1.7 billion to President George W. Bush's top fundraisers.

"Carlyle Group

George W. Bush Pioneers: Robert Grady (2000)
Company employees’ total contributions to the Bushes, RNC and Florida GOP: $69,000
Investment commitment from Jeb Bush's administration: $275 million (2000 and 2005)
Florida taxpayer fees paid to firm under Jeb Bush: $14 million
History: The Florida pension added new investments with Carlyle Group in 2000 and 2005 that generated almost $14 million in fees under Jeb Bush. Former President Geor