After a slight improvement in August, the number of jobless in France once again increased in September, reaching a new record high of 3.43 million unemployed, government figures revealed Friday.
Indigenous activists burned down a bridge in British Columbia, Canada, to prevent Imperial Metals from starting a lead and zinc mine on the lands of the Secwepemc peoples. Local tribes say that the mine may severely impact the one of the largest remaining sockeye salmon populations in the world.
"Ebola for Dollar$" strikes a rich vein! --
(US, EU, Africa, and global) taxpayers & consumers -- and guinea pigs --
do you feel hands reaching in your pants?
Now there's an Uber for flu shots. On Thursday the car-service at the tap of a smartphone announced a one-day UberHEALTH pilot program in partnership with Ha...
also, informative Links re: vaccines & fertility-impairing adjuvants
(polysorbate 80 / tween 80 & squalene) =>
Ron Klain on the "top leadership issue in the world today."
^ (2008 interview): Obama 'Ebola czar' (former Biden chief-of-staff & Gore operative) RON KLAIN, lawyer/'political fixer'
(with zero medical background) jawbones re: climate b.s. This chubby shill (who has several children) espouses 'overpopulation' problem, along w/ hovering wife (Monica Medina, NOAA exec. during BP Gulf Oil Spill & also 'environ. advisor' to the
Dept. of Defense) !
* (relevant Links) ==>
Indoor and outdoor, public and private, gun ranges dot the national landscape like bullet holes riddling a paper target, as the popularity of shooting has rocketed to new heights with an estimated 40 million recreational shooters annually.

But a hidden risk lies within almost all of America’s estimated 10,000 gun ranges. When shooters fire guns with lead-based ammunition, they spread lead vapor and dust, insidious toxins.