How covert intel. fostered / reared & steered Google spawn ...
Part I: Google co. & CIA, DARPA, NSA-Mossad etc.
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*Nafeez Ahmed (investigative journalist):
Stopping the madness: Russian students have invented a unique bracelet capable of preventing kids from spending too much time in front of a computer. Tracking children’s biorhythms, it can even autonomously switch off computers, averting possible health-related consequences.
(Jan. 2015) "Monsanto has won final approval from the U.S. govt. for its new genetically-modified soybeans and cotton,
designed to withstand a dominant biocide that fights weed resistance built up as a result of the company’s glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide already in use"...
The Meitivs say their son told police that he and his sister were not doing anything illegal and are allowed to walk. Usually, their mother said, the children carry a laminated card with parent contact information that says: “I am not lost. I am a free-range kid.” The kids didn’t have the card that day.

This one's for you, Kevin.
A Taiwanese man has died after a three-day gaming binge at an internet cafe in the island's south, the second such case this year.
The action represents a sweeping check on the power of police to confiscate under federal law.
The DEA formally admitted to keeping a vast database of American phone calls to foreign countries for over a decade today.
An Alabama middle school has devised a new way to protect their students from a potential intruder.